Our Service

We provide support to people in businesses, social enterprises and the community in three key ways:

  • Sharing the inside out psychological understanding commonly referred to as The Three Principles
  • Supporting businesses in their various stages with
    • mentoring
    • informal / formal board membership
    • functional support
    • investment
  • Social projects for the Edinburgh community

Who we work with

We work with teams, individuals, business owners, entrepreneurs (including pre-start up phase and those who already have traction), charities, social enterprises and groups who are formed from any combination of these.

The form

We are very flexible in the form our conversations and support takes. It can be one on one (or one on two in our case because we both – Steph and Kaye – work together with individuals). It can be informal (unofficial board-like meetings but not in a board room) or formal (official, in a board room) public (speaking events) or private (on-site gatherings). We are happy to visit people in business in their place of work (this works if we’re working with multiple people within the organisation) and we also invite people we’re working with to attend various things off-site so that they get to interact with people from different backgrounds and ventures.

Get in touch to arrange an initial conversation.

Business programmes

Business investments

Social projects