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Colette GrantColette Grant
Colette started her property business Grant Property in 1996 and over 20 years has grown it with her team into an award winning UK wide Property Investment and Management Company. As well as working closely with her own Management Team she plays a role through Entrepreneurial Scotland in the wider Entrepreneurial arena. People, their state of mind and creativity is at the heart of her focus for growing all the organisations she is involved with, leading with individuality that is sometimes imperfectly expressed! Choosing authenticity and passion over perfection every time.  After graduating from Michael Neill’s Supercoach Academy in 2014 Colette has continued her journey and deepening her understanding of the inside-out paradigm known as The Three Principles on the world class Practitioner Training at One Thought.


Barb PattersonBarb Patterson
Currently based in Portland Oregon, Barb has successfully built an international consulting and coaching business sharing the principles of how the mind works and where experience comes from.  As well as working with entrepreneurs, leaders and teams Barb also mentors and trains other coaches and consultants from around the globe to build their own practices and teach the same principles that were the catalyst for her own transformation. As someone who has moved overseas to pursue opportunities in her past, as well as over 20 years experience coaching and working globally as an internal executive and outside consultant, Barb understands how to navigate transitions gracefully, take risks, and make big life changes.


Kaye Taylor and Steph WilsonKaye Taylor & Steph Wilson
Close friends, business partners & professionally trained Three Principles Practitioners, Kaye & Steph have successfully run talks & seminars about unlocking human potential in different settings including businesses, not for profit and the local community.

Having worked together for eighteen years they’ve set up a number of ventures together – the first of which is SK Chase, which they still own and provides an online gift voucher application and fulfillment service to luxury hotels throughout the UK and Ireland.

They also run a social initiative, human being TV, which produces recordings of their live events, webinars and community night talks. More recently Venturesk has been created to house their different business interests and is the arm through which they share the inside-out psychological understanding, commonly known as The Three Principles, with people in business.

They hold regular programmes for individuals, groups and businesses exploring life (and business) from the inside out, pointing people to their innate wellbeing – and the source of all leadership, innovation and true alignment.

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