Thinking being stuck is a problem, is a problem!

Since setting up our first business together in 2003 we’ve noticed that sometimes we’ve felt in flow and other times we’ve felt stuck.

Because we had mistakenly created a relationship between feeling stuck and not achieving results (and that ultimately not achieving results could make us feel bad) we didn’t think it was a good thing to feel this way so we’d look outside of ourselves for the source of the stuckness so that we could fix it.

Was it a colleague, a client, a supplier, a system, a process? The funny thing is, when you feel stuck you find plenty to feel stuck about. Once we’d found something to pin our stuckness on, we’d go about fixing the so called problem and sometimes we’d feel better and sometimes we wouldn’t.

What we hadn’t realised is that the feeling of stuckness wasn’t coming from something outside of us. That any feeling is always coming from the principle of Thought in the moment. And because it’s energy that changes form moment to moment, when we don’t try and fix a feeling it changes all of it’s own accord.

Not only that but when we know where our experience comes from, if it appears that something outside of us is creating a feeling inside of us – this is a clue that we’re in the illusion. And once we’ve insightfully seen that it’s not possible for a thing to create a feeling, we no longer rush to change it. This doesn’t mean that action doesn’t occur – it means that action occurs from a place of knowing and neutrality rather than charged with ‘this has to change in order for me to be okay’. In other words we see that our feelings (or wellbeing, security, state of mind, fill in the blank) isn’t dependent upon anything outside of us.

So in business and in life it’s totally normal to sometimes feel stuck and sometime feel in flow.
There’s nothing wrong with any feeling. What creates a feeling of more stuckness is thinking that there’s something to do (either mentally or physically) to change the feeling – rather than seeing it as the natural ebb and flow of the energy of Thought showing up as feeling.

And it’s totally normal to sometimes forget where feelings come from – and to pin a feeling onto a thing. But once we’ve seen the illusion for what it is, it just doesn’t have the same hold over us any more. There’s a deeper knowing of what’s at play. And that we’re always okay no matter what.

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