The one question you need to know:
Where is my experience coming from?

Insightfully knowing the answer to this question is a game changer.

The truth is our experience can only be created 100% of the time via the principle of Thought in the moment. If it looks to us like our experience (our feeling, attitude, state of mind, problem we’re having) is being created by something other than Thought in the moment, we’re in the illusion. We’re not denying that there are things happening, people behaving in a particular way or life events occurring; all of that is included – but the way we feel in any given moment is not dependent on or because of any of that. This is why we experience such a wide range of feelings in what seems like a nano-second – it’s all happening within our psychological system – not because of what’s occurring on the so called outside.

Our whole experience is created via the energy of Thought in the moment and this creates our whole reality. The illusion is that something other than the energy of Thought is creating our moment to moment experience. This misunderstanding is the source of all suffering and conflict in business and the world.

What we do
We have conversations with people in business and point them to the source of all experience. By having insights into the psychological system behind life we are brought into alignment with what is which means the illusion of what we thought we were dealing with falls away.

The source of all feelings, state of mind and attitude is the same. There is a psychological system behind our experience of life which works one way 100% of the time. Our experience is being created from inside this psychological system and the illusion is that there is any other way of experiencing life.

Why we do it
Knowing how something works has implications. It’s no longer a mystery to us. When we see that it’s not possible for other people, things, situations and events to create a feeling within us, our whole perspective changes. What used to make sense to us simply doesn’t any more.

Once seen in an insightful way, even when we temporarily fall under the illusion that something other than Thought is creating our experience, we are never as afraid as we were before our insight, because we know all experience is fleeting, temporary and transient. And we know it ultimately comes from the same source, so there is nothing to be afraid of – other than a temporary feeling.

When we spontaneously remember that we are only ever feeling the constant and neutral energy of Thought, we stop behaving as though our well-being / success / power / leadership abilities is dependent upon anything outside of us. We have an anchor in our psychological security which means we are no longer thrown around at the mercy of our thinking and the illusion of other influences.

And when we see how something works, the untruths of how we thought it work fall away. So there is less on our minds. We’re no longer trying to figure things out because we know, without exception, that it only works one way.

When people understand and are in alignment with this system they no longer hold circumstances, situations, people, or things responsible for how they feel. Instead they realise the source of experience, have a fresh perspective and feel presence of mind.

Most importantly of all, they are no longer afraid of their experience.

The bi-products of having an understanding into where experience comes from:

  • We stop chasing a positive state of mind. We know that regardless of our state of mind our potential and capability for creation / success / performance is the same. It’s a myth that we have to be in a certain state of mind to be successful. This is because see that it’s natural for Thought to change form moment to moment; therefore we no longer judge ourselves for experiencing different states of mind as we know it can’t adversely impact our performance. In other words our capacity and capability for performance is available in every moment regardless of our feeling state.
  • We realise the futility of trying to change a person or circumstance in order to feel better (more powerful, more secure, more in control). When we see that it doesn’t work that way we stop creating a relationship between a feeling and a thing (person, circumstance). This means we don’t over-react to situations and rather are free to see the obvious next step from a place of no charge.
  • We know our ‘okayness’ is never at stake no matter how high the stakes look.
  • We fall into our own natural leadership style rather than trying to mimic others.
  • We’re not concerned by feelings of disappointment or fear when we temporarily attribute them to external events; we know that the source of all feelings is Thought so we are in tune with our innate resilience.
  • We engage fully in the game of business and life because we know it can’t harm us in any way. Our well-being and innate resilience is never at stake.
  • We point our team members to their innate wisdom as their guide rather than pointing them outside of themselves (to books, processes, values).
  • Business frameworks, processes and system have their place, but they are no longer the driving force of the business, rather we are driven by an inner wisdom which uses these frameworks, processes and systems rather than being ruled by them.
  • We no longer try to change our perspective on things. We know that our perspective is in a constant state of flux and that if something looks like a problem we’re temporarily in the illusion that there is something other than Thought in the moment creating our experience.

We’re not denying anything. Everything is included.

This is as upstream as you can go. This is the source of everything.

How we do it
The form our conversations take can vary. We hold 3-day group immersions into the understanding, we provide one to one sessions and we do group calls and webinars. Because this understanding is true regardless of whether people realise it or not, it doesn’t matter if everyone in the business ‘gets it’ or whether just a few start to see the power of these universal principles and how understanding them has life-changing implications.

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