The key to everything is understanding. There is one question you need to know. The answer brings you into alignment with how things work and unlocks the potential within.

Steph Wilson & Kaye Taylor

Steph Wilson & Kaye Taylor

We are Steph and Kaye.

Close friends, business partners & professionally trained Three Principles Practitioners, we have successfully run talks & seminars about unlocking human potential in different settings including businesses, not for profit and the local community.

Having worked together since 1998 we’ve set up a number of ventures – the first of which is SK Chase, which we still own and provides an online gift voucher application to luxury hotels throughout the UK and Ireland.

We also run a social initiative, humanbeing.tv, which produces recordings of our live events, webinars and community night talks. More recently Venturesk has been created to house their different business interests and is the arm through which they support other businesses and share the inside-out psychological understanding, commonly known as The Three Principles, with people in business.

We hold regular programmes for individuals, groups and businesses exploring life (and business) from the inside out.

At the core of our work is the one question you need to know and our understanding of how life works, through the Three Principles of Mind, Consciousness & Thought as uncovered by Sydney Banks in the early 70s.

We point people to their innate well-being – and the source of all experience.

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