Business programmes

Off-site 3-day immersions
We hold regular 3-day immersions in Edinburgh for people in business sharing the inside-out pscyhological understanding. This means that individuals can attend without having to commit to whole teams attending at the same time. Usually between 10 and 15 people come to each of these programmes and because we don’t delve into the content of peoples lives no sensitive information is shared. It also means you get to meet new people from other industries and different life experiences.

One day follow up sessions
We provide regular one-day follow up sessions for anyone who has previously attended a 3-day immersion. These happen monthly so people can chose a date that best works for them.

Two on one sessions
Steph and Kaye regularly work with individuals in private sessions. These are generally in-person and last for a couple of hours for each session.

In-house programmes
If there is an appetite to share the understanding more widely within a specific team or business, we can come into your business and spend time with you designing a programme that suits your specific needs. This could look like an on-site 3-day programme with follow-up sessions or a more bite-sized approach where it’s a series of shorter sessions over a longer period.

Introduction talks
If you have been impacted by this understanding and you’d like to introduce it to your colleagues and would like us to come in and give a lunchtime or evening talk; we are more than happy to do this free of charge.

All our programmes point to the one question you need to know.

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