Realising the True Essence of Business and the Source of Transformation

3-day program, Weds 27th, Thurs 28th & Fri 29th Sep

Channings Hotel, Edinburgh

10am to 3.30pm each day


This is not your usual business course. No manuals, no 10 point plan and no powerpoint slides. While Steph and Kaye share their highs and lows as entrepreneurs and business leaders it’s their insights into the human experience that affects real change, transforming the way we do business and view the world around us. For me the effects of the workshop and ongoing conversation have been huge. The benefits are personal and in some ways very ordinary but understanding the interplay between thought and feeling has meant less deliberation, negativity and anxiety and more creativity, connection and inspiration.

Duncan Forbes

Brand & Digital Consultant

This three day program is an immersion into the missing link in business and will point to the source of all transformation; how real change in business really works.

We will highlight the misunderstanding that most people live in and why this is the source of all problems and unhappiness in the workplace and the world.

Once insightfully seen, the understanding that our experience is not created by anything ‘out there’ but is being created in each moment 100% from the inside out via the principles of Mind, Consciousness & Thought has a profound impact on how we show up and the way we contribute and engage in business and in life.

During these three days we will explore how when we understand how something works, it naturally clears up any misunderstandings that are always the cause of not seeing things clearly.

We’ll discuss the principles underpinning just in time wisdom, knowing what to do and knowing when not to do and the difference between acting from a place of psychological security and acting from the misunderstanding that our wellbeing is dependent on something outside of us.

Places are limited. Request your space with [email protected]